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corner shower tray 80x80

    Retro 80x80 cm square shower tray: the ideal bathroom fixture for a stylish corner shower space

    The Retro 80x80 cm shower tray is the brainchild of two great Italian designers: Massimiliano Cicconi and Alfredo Anzellini. It has been designed to fit into a corner. Perfect for bathrooms in historic buildings and unusual in classic furnishing projects, this shower tray is a rather versatile item with a non-slip standing area ensuring high standards of comfort and safety thanks to embossed square patterns on it that prevent accidental falls while showering.
    Combinable with transparent or sandblasted glass enclosures, this piece of furniture can be further enhanced by decorated glass doors which is the most viable solution if you want to create an environment in full Liberty style.
    Therefore, a careful choice of the shower tray plays a fundamental role in planning your furnishing project, because it can decorate a bathroom with a strong character that reflects the personal identity of the homeowner.

    A convenient and functional shower tray

    The Retro 80x80 cm shower tray perfectly embodies all axioms of classic style thanks to the technical “trick” of high edges that recall the most typical lines of classic shower trays.

    This key element of the bathroom perfectly defines the nature of the interior space design. Easy-to-clean and functional, the Retro shower tray is essential in creating an exclusive environment, which has an eye on the needs of those who live in the home. An extraordinary shockproof and scratch proof item highly suitable for those who want an elegant and timeless furnishing project that goes beyond fashion. The decision to decorate the bathroom with the 80x80 cm Retro corner shower tray does not imply a spasmodic search for a coherent furnishing composition, since it can be matched with sanitary fittings, accessories, lighting and furniture of any other style thanks to its innate versatility.