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corner shower tray 100x100

    The shower tray: an essential bathroom fixture

    The shower tray is one of the most important bathroom fixtures which will make the shower stall more elegant and functional. The choice is often linked to the space available and this is the reason why it is produces in numerous models. It is perfect for small bathrooms, since it is not just a decorative accessory, but it offers endless solutions to satisfy every taste and space requirement. This square-shaped shower tray is floor-mounted and above the level of the floor. This feature allows water to flow quickly to the drain. It is made of the highest quality porcelain and guarantees high standards of safety and use. It is non-slip and comfortable, 100 cm wide, 100 cm deep and 20 cm high. This 100x100 angular shower tray is part of the Retro collection.

    The angular shower tray, elegant and very functional

    Innovation and tradition come together to create this corner shower tray. Unique in its kind, with a shower stall with glass doors, it enriches the whole environment, combining perfectly with the whole bathroom where refined elegance and great functionality prevail. The 100x100 corner shower tray is a high-quality product. It is the result of a continuous study of different materials and shapes carried out by internationally known designers and their creative inspiration, together with the excellent manufacturing process of expert hands and the use of cutting-edge and eco-friendly machinery. This corner shower tray must meet high safety standards before being launched on the market.