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Washbasins 55

    The small and compact 55-cm washbasin on a pedestal is a key element for those who wish to furnish their bathroom with a vintage style elegance, without doing without the convenience and the efficiency of modern sanitary ware.

    Belonging to the Retro line designed by Kerasan’s architects, this washbasin and its pedestal is made of white ceramic and its dimensions are perfect for small spaces, or for more sophisticated interior decorations. In fact, it is possible to place this washbasin in an anteroom, on the way into the bathroom, with the aim of recreating a small area of well-being and relaxation, where one can shave, put on make-up or take care of personal hygiene. Otherwise, thanks to its compact dimensions, it would be possible to place two 55-cm washbasins in the same bathroom, giving life to a more personal, intimate area.

    The internal bowl is deep and ample. It has an overflow hole, in addition to the tap hole in which the mixer tap should be fitted. On request, it is possible to have three tap holes, instead of only one, in order to fit a more classic style tap.

    The pedestal gives this washbasin, belonging to the Retro collection, a timeless appeal. Its function is not only aesthetic, but also practical: in fact, it allows the washbasin to be more stable. Furthermore, it hides drainage pipes from sight. It is the perfect synthesis between elegance and efficiency: two elements that are becoming more and more common in modern bathrooms.