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Ego acrylic bath-tub

    Ego, a relaxing bathtub

    The Ego collection offers a solution for all lovers of style and luxury, the Ego bathtub represents the perfect synthesis of this philosophy.
    Thanks to its squared, almost geometric shape, the Ego bathtub furnishes the whole bathroom with uniqueness and with a touch of flair that is intrinsic in its name.

    The uniqueness of the shapes

    It is commonly thought that people who take care of their health and well-being are arrogant or selfish, but the Ego collection bathtub completely reverses this concept.
    This bathroom fixture has been designed and produced for all those who are looking for something special, elegant and trendy, something which makes them and their luxurious bathtub unique.
    Feeling better and comfortable in our homes is the concept behind the production of the Ego bathtub. It serves its purpose with discretion and elegance without affecting robustness and refinement thanks to its clean, geometric lines, which combine design and convenience. Discretion is perfectly expressed by the dimensions of this bathtub, 70x160 cm, and by the material with which it is made: acrylic, an easy-to-clean and long-lasting material.
    The design is easily perceivable by the absence of holes on the edge of the tub which is meant to encourage the installation of a free-standing bath-shower mixer standpipe, with a trendy but retro taste and by the original overflow hole. The Ego bathtub has no traditional hole for overflow prevention, but a narrow opening with a chrome ring that makes the bathtub even more beautiful and daring.