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Flo acrylic bath-tub

    Go with the "FLO"!

    Thanks to this play on words borrowed from the English language, it is possible to illustrate the FLO collection bathtub by Kerasan, a bathroom fixture that, thanks to its curved and particularly distinctive lines, will not go unnoticed.
    If the original motto "go with the flow" means not having a particularly strong opinion on taste, and thus following the majority, the FLO bathtub suggests a different and certainly more personal interpretation: just follow your own taste and have a mind of your own, above all, in the field of interior design.

    FLO bathtub: style and personality

    Thanks to its purposefully particular shape, this bathroom fixture will certainly not go unnoticed: its curved, fine and clean lines draw a perfect oval figure, ideal for a revitalising and relaxing bath.
    Its compact dimensions - only 82x170 cm - and the floor-mounted installation, make this bathtub suitable for any type of bathroom: it can furnish large master bathrooms or three-quarter ones with the aim of having something special in a modern and determined style.
    Made of acrylic, a long-lasting and easy-to-clean material, the FLO collection bathtub stands out for its contemporary beauty and simple installation. Placed next to a wall or in the middle of the bathroom with a beautiful free-standing chrome bath shower mixer standpipe, it appears extremely dynamic and striking.