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G&M oval polymineral bathtub

    Oval G & M bathtub

    If you plan to create a bathroom with clean and simple shapes, then you cannot miss the G & M collection oval bathtub by Kerasan.
    Its oval shape makes it truly unique. It can enrich and embellish the existing furnishings thanks to its simple and original design, turning the bathroom into the centre of attraction in every house.

    The oval shape: where beauty meets technology

    With such an unusual shape, this beautiful bathtub will certainly not go unnoticed; on the contrary, it will change the bathroom into the most elegant room in the house.
    Thanks to its refined and unpredicted features, the G & M oval bathtub can perfectly combine beauty and efficiency: made of Polymineral, a precious and resistant material, it is not only pleasing to the eye - thanks to its natural shine highlighted by its white colour - but also easy to clean and to use. In addition, the two curved sides vaguely recall a vintage or retro style bathtub of the '50s which is always synonymous, not only of beauty and charm, but also luxury and relaxation.
    Its compact dimensions, 80x160 cm, make it ideal for any bathroom and the ease of installation is another positive aspect of this oval bathtub. It is possible to install it directly on the floor, anywhere in the bathroom.
    The oval G & M bathtub has no classic overflow hole, but a small and slot positioned in the upper part of one of the two long sides.
    Finally, due to insufficient space around the rim of the tub for installing a water faucet, it is necessary to match a wall-mounted mixer or a free-standing bath-shower mixer standpipe, which will make this masterpiece even more beloved.