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Waldorf acrylic bath-tub

    Waldorf bathtub: a blast from the past

    For those looking for a bathtub to furnish their bathroom in a unique and vaguely vintage style, the Waldorf bathtub will prove to be the optimal solution.
    This beautiful bathroom fixture, definitely out of the ordinary, will give the bathroom a touch of retro style, without foregoing comfort and elegance thanks also to the use of the cutting-edge and innovative materials it is made of.

    A colonial style bathtub

    When you look at the Waldorf bathtub, immediately those wonderful 800-year-old bathtubs come to mind; made mainly of copper, they could be found in all the houses of wealthy American bourgeois.
    Kerasan reinterprets and reworks this tradition of bathroom interior design and proposes a functional and modern bathtub that recalls old-fashioned style and elegance.
    The Waldorf bathtub has clean, rounded lines and irregular heights: in the area designed to be the backrest, the bathtub is higher to facilitate the sitting position; on the contrary, on the side designed for entry and exit, it is lower.
    Made of white acrylic, a strong and handy material, resistant to daily cleaning, the Waldorf bathtub with its dimensions, only 82x160 cm, is perfect for furnishing any type of bathroom. The overflow hole, which is a thin chromed slit, is beautiful.
    In conclusion, to make this bathtub even more attractive, it is possible to mount a free-standing bath shower mixer standpipe or, even better, a wall-mounted shower mixer: it will give the bathtub a retro and vintage-style touch that makes it unique.