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Btw close coupled wc

    Why choose a close-coupled WC?

    When it is not possible to hang or build a cistern into the bathroom wall, a close-coupled toilet is the only solution. This kind of bathroom fixture is supplied with a cistern for flushing that sits directly on the toilet so that the rather common problem of placing the cistern during renovation work can be resolved. You may like this solution or not, but it is certain that the close-coupled toilet has huge advantages in terms of convenience.

    A reinterpreted design for the Flo close-coupled toilet

    This Flo close-coupled toilet combines aesthetics and functionality. It is a unique and absolutely inimitable product. If most of the close-coupled toilet bowls have a classic style look, or we could say, an almost retro style look, this is completely different; not only because it is made of vitreous china, a material that, if well used and protected, can last a lifetime, but also because it is definitely better than many other similar fixtures in terms of aesthetics.

    The technical characteristics of the Flo close-coupled toilet

    The toilet has a slightly rounded shape that widens in the upper part and then narrows as its structure drifts to the floor. A simple and linear structure that guarantees a surprising result in terms of design thanks to its essential features. The cistern has instead a more emphasised and sharp-cornered shape that, however, fits perfectly with the rounded frame of the toilet bowl. A geometric combination that defines the success of the Flo close-coupled WC.

    A close-coupled toilet for every need

    Concerning the ideal location of this close-coupled toilet, there are not really any specific recommendations. Its design is quite eclectic, which is why you can freely choose whether to install it in a classic or modern style environment. The fact that it has a slightly rounded shape makes the Flo close-coupled toilet a modern style bathroom fixture, whilst the combination with the flushing cistern makes it both a vaguely retro and traditional style at the same time. Therefore, it will be adequate in different settings, as long as the other sanitary ware is in the same style. If you fear that the result could be too severe, the environment can be played down with coloured interior design accessories in order to lighten, if possible, the serious atmosphere of a retro-styled bathroom.