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There are many trendy ideas in this section presenting modern sanitary ware.
Either wall hung or floor mounted fixtures. You will surely find what you are looking for.
The modern Kerasan sanitary ware is designed to be eco-friendly, having the fundamental idea of water saving as a benchmark. The result is the production of dual flushing system which allows you to choose the quantity of water needed to rinse the toilet: one flush is adjustable between 6 or 4.5 Lt. (depending on the size of the WC), and the other one is smaller, only 3 Lt.
The toilets can be sold with two different types of seat covers: the traditional seat cover or the soft closing variation. The latter is a system that allows you to close the seat cover slowly and independently, without having to following through with your own hands.

A peculiarity of contemporary sanitary ware concerns the drainage. Sanitary ware drainage can have an S trap (floor outlet) or a P trap (wall outlet) according to specific needs. It is this enormous versatility, which makes them suitable for bathroom renovation, because you can leave the existing drainage unchanged. Therefore, the work to be done will be simpler and cheaper.

Toilets without a rim are the result of many years of study and investment in research and development to improve the aesthetics and the hygiene of sanitary ware and to make a valuable contribution to the environment. In these toilet bowls, the internal edge, the rim from which the water comes out, has been eliminated. Therefore, the rinsing occurs in a completely different way compared to traditional sanitary ware. This enables cleaning the toilet completely and assures considerable preservation of water.

Modern sanitary ware by Kerasan can be installed in different ways: floor mounted, wall hung and back to wall.
Most of modern floor mounted toilets by Kerasan are designed to be BTW (back to wall). This arrangement fits perfectly in small bathrooms, because it allows you to take advantage of the space you have available. They also cover the unsightly pipes and the drainage system in order to have a tidier bathroom.

Among Kerasan models, there are also floor mounted toilets: in this case, the toilet is placed at a certain distance from the wall, thus creating a mixture of modern design and traditional assembly. Suspended sanitary ware are wall mounted, at a height of about 40-43 cm from the floor: a distance that allows the best use. For this kind of sanitary ware, the drainage should be on the wall: drain pipes and the cistern are not in plain sight, but they are all hidden inside the wall.

For the assembly, it is necessary to have a solid or load-bearing wall with a thickness of about 10 cm. If the wall is not sturdy or thick enough, it is possible to build an additional wall in which both the drainage system and the brackets for wall hung sanitary ware can be covered up.
Suspended sanitary ware are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, while from the aesthetic point of view, they give the bathroom lightness and modernity. They can be also chosen for small bathrooms, because they give the room a sensation of greater largeness.

From a stylistic point of view, Kerasan offers a wide range of models with very different shapes: there are classic-vintage style toilets and modern ones.
The most classic model is the toilet with a high-level cistern: the toilet is floor mounted, while the cistern is visible and connected to the toilet by means of a visible drain pipe.
Close coupled toilet pan with a floor cistern or bidets with a back panel are considered modern sanitary ware. They are bathroom fixtures in which the unusual structure is updated and gives them a completely different shape compared to traditional or suspended sanitary ware.

In the Close coupled toilet pans, the cistern is in the toilet. Most of these models are back to wall, but Kerasan also offers a different model which does not require back to wall installation.
Even if sanitary ware with a floor cistern or a back panel seem to be a close coupled model at first glance, are different because a plastic cistern with its flushing mechanism are inside the ceramic frame placed posteriorly. So that, they hide the screws and the drainage system perfectly, whether they are new or pre-existing.

In a small bathroom, the bidet with a ceramic back panel, due to its unusual shape, becomes a space saving unit because it can also be used as a storage space.