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Five reasons to choose a stone resin shower tray

Five reasons to choose a stone resin shower tray

Stone resin is a particularly popular material in the making of modern shower trays, as it has countless properties that make it a versatile and extremely practical material.

Nowadays it is the most widely used material, it has gradually replaced the more traditional ceramic.

The 100% natural and environmentally friendly stone resin is a reconstituted marble derived from dolomite, a mineral extracted from mountain deposits and then subjected to treatments such as grinding, cleaning, refining, pressing and polishing. The material thus obtained is finally coated with a gelcoat, a special pigment resin rich in quartz particles. It can also be subjected to matting to give it an even more elegant appearance.

But it is not only its immaculate appearance that gives it the enormous popularity it has gained in recent years; the advantages offered by this material are multiple. Stone resin is particularly used in the manufacturing of shower trays which can have an ultra-flat design that is very popular in modern bathrooms. Ultra-flat stone resin shower trays can be as thin as 25 mm, allowing the creation of a stylish bathroom, but also the creation of a shower area which is accessible to all users, as the walk-in area has no disparity in level as compared to older and more traditional shower trays.

Children, the elderly and people with limited mobility will especially appreciate these shower trays, as they are so thin that they can be used for floor-level installation. They are also loved by those who want a stylish and fashionable bathroom, which will prove safe for all. In fact, thanks to the roughness of the stone resin, it is possible to create non-slip shower trays that always make the shower area comfortable and safe, without the need of installing other non-slip aids such as suction mats, adhesive strips or wooden mats that could compromise the aesthetics of the shower.

The bathroom will look beautiful and pleasant for a long time, because shower trays made of stone resin are particularly resistant to scratches and impacts, as well as being heat-retaining. They will always provide a pleasant surface to walk on.

So, in summary, there are more than five reasons to choose a stone resin shower tray, as they are made of a material which is of great aesthetic value, they are available in different sizes thanks to the ease of processing, they ensure high resistance and durability, have a non-slip surface and are able to retain heat. To these five advantages, add a very simple maintenance.

Care of stone resin shower trays

Being an exceptionally durable material, these shower trays require very little maintenance to remain beautiful and functional for a long time.

After each use, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water and mild soap to remove traces of shampoo and bubble bath. Then use a dry cloth to finish cleaning up and to keep the designer shower tray shining for a long time