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Ceramic washbasins: indispensable bathroom fixtures

Ceramic washbasins: indispensable bathroom fixtures

The classic ceramic washbasin is one of the most common and sought-after products for those who need to renovate their bathroom. There are many reasons for choosing ceramics and many advantages that a ceramic washbasin can offer. Elegant, practical and available in different shapes, sizes and finishes, the traditional washbasin has overcome its old features and is now offered in a contemporary design for a successful modern bathroom decor.

Full pedestal ceramic washbasin

This is the most common and oldest type of washbasin. The full pedestal washbasin is one of the first types of washbasins to be put on the market and it can still be found in classic style bathrooms. The pedestal placed under the washbasin, which is usually column-shaped, hides the plumbing and gives the bathroom that ever-desirable vintage look. It is no coincidence that the use of full pedestal washbasins, although old-fashioned, never seems to end.

Ceramic washbasins with half pedestal

If you love the vintage style of the full pedestal washbasin, but are looking for a bathroom fixture that leaves the floor underneath free, you can not the pass up the washbasin with a half pedestal. It is an intermediate solution between the full-pedestal washbasin and the wall-hung washbasin, because the bottle trap and piping are hidden behind the half-pedestal, while the space underneath is free, allowing the positioning of a vanity unit or a piece of furniture.

Freestanding ceramic washbasins

Elegant, extremely versatile and destined to become the star of the trendiest bathroom design, the freestanding washbasin can be combined with any interior style. In square and geometric shapes, this washbasin fits perfectly in a modern and contemporary bathroom design, and with its soft and curved lines it becomes the main attraction of a romantic old-style bathroom.

Thanks to their shape as a one-piece ceramic washbasin that stands directly on the floor, freestanding washbasins with their truly extravagant shapes and colourful finishes can also be placed in the middle of the bathroom. When installed in the middle of the room, this type of washbasin requires the water inlet and drain pipes to be connected to the floor and not to the wall.

Wall-hung ceramic washbasins

The wall-hung ceramic washbasin is the most appreciated solution for those who love an essential and modern bathroom, becoming more and more the protagonist of contemporary bathroom design. This type of washbasin is installed directly on the wall and has a visible bottle trap. Precisely because it is suspended, it can be positioned at different heights according to the customer’s preferences.

Whereas in the past the bottle trap was an unsightly sanitary element that had to be hidden behind a pedestal or half-pedestal, today it is a design element that must be showcased and highlighted to emphasize the lightness of the wall-hung washbasin and the style of the bathroom.

Ceramic inset basins or semi-recessed basins

This is a solution where the washbasin is embedded into the top of a bathroom cabinet. Depending on the position, the washbasin can be built-in a countertop or mounted under it. In the first case, only the perimeter of the washbasin rests on the top of a vanity cabinet, while the undercounter washbasin is mounted under the countertop from the bottom upwards. In both cases, these are trendy furnishing solutions for an elegant bathroom, while stylistically the undercounter washbasin has the advantage of easy cleaning.

Another solution, in which the washbasin seems to become one with the cabinet, is the semi-recessed washbasin. In this case, the washbasin is only partially recessed into the base cabinet, as the front protrudes. This is a design solution that fits well into modern bathrooms, but requires special attention to cleaning, as the edge of the recessed part of the cabinet can be an area where dirt and moisture could accumulate.

Ceramic countertop washbasins

The ceramic countertop washbasin is one of the most appreciated by interior designers and users, as it allows elegant and convenient bathroom arrangement. This type of washbasin is easy to install and can be placed on a countertop or a piece of furniture to create different solutions in the bathroom. Placed on a countertop, it develops an essential style and proves to be the perfect furnishing for a minimalist bathroom, while placed on a superbly crafted stand, it becomes the star of a classic-style bathroom. For a modern decoration, you can choose coloured ceramic washbasins with clean lines and geometric shapes to be placed on vanity units.

Where to buy ceramic washbasins Made in Italy?

We have seen that there are many solutions for furnishing the bathroom with a ceramic washbasin, and certainly the choice between the different types depends on the taste and needs of the user. Choosing from a wide range of ceramic washbasins is certainly a good starting point, knowing also that each model is made with care and attention to detail which will allow a long lifespan.

At Kerasan we have always paid great attention to the selection of the best raw materials for our manufacturing processes, in order to offer all customers washbasins Made in Italy, able to withstand the challenges of high humidity and able to retain their beauty over time. On our page dedicated to ceramic washbasins you will find the perfect product for a designer bathroom.