Creating beautiful and enjoyable spaces that contribute to environmental protection is possible thanks to a modern and environmentally friendly bath design.

The main task of high-quality disabled bathroom aids is to ensure people with mobility impairments self-sufficiency during their daily routine.

Furnishing a long and narrow bathroom is certainly one of the most difficult challenges even for the most famous interior designers.

Good bathroom lighting can transform a space into a very stylish environment and it must also be sufficiently bright for decorative and functional needs.

Are you planning on renovating your wellness space?  Would you like to include a bathtub?

For a modern and functional bathroom, is it better to choose wall-mounted sanitary ware or is it better to opt for floor-standing ones?

The choice of a bathtub involves a series of analysis ranging from the most preferable shape to the best location.

The bathroom has long been considered not only as a functional room but as a protagonist of the home, an area to be carefully furnished and given a fantastic look.

Sicuramente avere a disposizione uno spazio in cui dedicarsi alla cura ed al benessere del corpo che sia al contempo pratico e di design è il sogno di tutti.

The water that flows from our taps is high in calcium, which forms limescale by depositing in the pipes and on the chrome plating of the tap.

In un'epoca in cui la buona riuscita di un progetto di arredamento interno sembra legata indissolubilmente alla presenza di colore sicuramente pensare ad un bagno bianco

Limescale or soap residue and strands of hair can clog pipes over time, causing slow water flow.

A project meant to furnish a modern bathroom with style and elegance starts with the choice of a washbasin, whether you are renovating or furnishing a new bathroom

Suspended units or floor-standing cabinets as well as countertops, are essential pieces of furniture to ensure maximum functionality in a bathroom

Any premises opened to the public and all shops must comply with the regulations to remove architectural barriers

Furnishing a bathroom and making it a functional, comfortable and well-designed environment requires proper care and scrupulous attention in the choice of each element.

Is it better to buy wall-mounted taps or those which fit directly on the sanitary fixtures? The answer to this question comes from the type of sanitary ware chosen

Trends in modern interior design are showing more and more often the use of wall-mounted units. In the kitchen as in the dining room and living room

Interior design ideas for renovating or furnishing a bathroom with dynamism and functionality, start from the choice of bathroom accessories designed for everyday use.

The sanitary ware industry is catching up with the Coronavirus timeline. Ceramic sanitary ware is becoming increasingly resistant to harmful bacteria

From the soles of shoes to disinfectants: how to protect the house from Covid-19

The laundry room is an area which is inaccessible to guests although essential in every home.

When planning to renovate a bathroom or when it is time to think about how to furnish a new bathroom, the choice of the right washbasin is one of the most important factors in bathroom interior design

Sophisticated design, functionality and a high standard of customization are the three elements at the base of the trends in bathroom furnishings in 2020

The bathtub has always been loved by people who like bathing in hot water and relaxing before going to bed or anytime during the day.

Have you got space issues in a small bathroom? Is the room so tiny that there doesn’t seem to be room for everything you need?

Unfortunately, dampness is a problem that particularly affects bathrooms, especially those without windows or where the ventilation system doesn’t work properly

Usually, people who have just bought a new house or those who are renovating decide to focus on traditional style furniture for the space dedicated to body care and well-being.

Ceramic or fibreglass shower trays, in white or in various colours, are convenient and useful bathroom fixtures.

Beauty and functionality are the keywords when furnishing a home, including the bathroom.