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How to choose a bathroom sink

How to choose a bathroom sink

What are the characteristics you should keep in mind when you are choosing a bathroom sink?

There are many solutions available, but the choice of the best washbasin depends on the size of the bathroom, individual taste, and mode of use. For example, designer washbasins are most advisable if you are buying a washbasin for the guest bathroom whilst structural and aesthetic factors should be carefully considered if you need a washbasin for the master bathroom.

Convenience is essential and a washbasin to be used every day by the whole family must necessarily be extremely practical. This does not mean that you must give up on design: there are fixtures that embody an amazing mix of practicality and elegance. If the room is quite large, for example, you could think of installing a double washbasin: a stylish solution which is increasingly appreciated by interior designers and that also offers the convenience of two sink areas so that two people can get ready simultaneously at any time of the day.

Types of washbasins

There are many types of washbasins on the market today. There are:

• Countertop washbasins.
• Inset basins or semi-recessed washbasins.
• Full-pedestal washbasins.
• Wall-hung washbasins. The countertop washbasin is one of the most popular designer solutions for a trendy and modern style bathroom. Countertop washbasins are usually placed on a worktop or on a vanity unit and are completed with mixer taps (if it is a single-hole washbasin) or wall-mounted taps (if the washbasin has no holes). Washbasins are generally made of ceramic. The wide range of shapes available can satisfy the needs of people who like modern style bathrooms as well as the needs of those who prefer a more classic style.

The Inset basin is designed to fit countertops that are made with an accommodating cut, whilst the semi-recessed washbasin partly protrudes and partly fits into the vanity top of your bathroom. Today this type of washbasin is often used in small bathrooms because it allows you to have a reduced-depth cabinet with a standard-sized washbasin. It proves to be suitable in a classic baroque or shabby chic style bathroom.

The full-pedestal washbasin has been the most fashionable bathroom fixture for decades. Easy to install and adaptable to any environment and style, this type of washbasin does not require any furniture. If in the past its ease of installation and adaptation has resulted in enormous success, today it owes its popularity to the inspiration and imagination of skilled designers who have been able to reinterpret its shapes in a new way, giving modern style bathrooms a full-pedestal washbasin that represents the perfect mix between sculptural art and functionality.

The wall-hung washbasin is the perfect space-saving solution for elegant bathroom furnishings. Anchored to the wall, it seems to fluctuate in the room. It does not weigh down the style but, on the contrary, it makes even a small bathroom look larger. Under this type of washbasin, a floor-standing or wall-mounted vanity unit is highly recommended. Anyway, the empty space between the basin and the floor can be used in the best possible way. This type of washbasin offers ease of cleaning and sanitation, an advantage that does not go unnoticed by bathroom users: the floor is completely clear and thus it can be cleaned more easily, quickly, and thoroughly.

Bathroom sink: which shape to choose?

The shape of the washbasin will inevitably influence the style. Today you have the opportunity to buy rectangular, oval, or round washbasins. A rectangular washbasin featuring decidedly squared or delicately rounded edges is adaptable to any style of bath design.

A round washbasin is a must have in modern style bathrooms of refined design, even if it is not unusual to find some models designed to bring a distinctive trait in the classic or vintage style bathroom.
Suitable for any style, an oval washbasin is the perfect choice to furnish a bathroom with a contemporary taste. It is the ideal, eye-catching fixture in classic or more traditional style bathrooms thanks to its sinuous shapes.
However, whatever the shape, size, or type of washbasin you are thinking of, we are sure you can find the best solution in our catalogue. Choose your washbasin today and ask for a free estimate with no obligation to purchase.