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A rectangular washbasin for the bathroom, five reasons to choose it

A rectangular washbasin for the bathroom, five reasons to choose it

What shape should you choose for your washbasin? The installation of a rectangular washbasin is one of the most popular and appreciated furnishing solutions, and it is no coincidence that the use of this bathroom feature is already widespread. Let us discover together five good reasons why the rectangular washbasin can be the best solution for a trendy bathroom design.

Simple, practical, and versatile rectangular washbasins

Simple geometry, practicality, functionality and impeccable style are the main features of rectangular washbasins that everyone likes so much. The perfectly smooth surface attracts the attention of customers, while the radiant shine, achieved with the best raw materials, amazes everyone who crosses the threshold of the bathroom. In addition, rectangular shapes harmoniously fit into any bathroom, from classic to modern.

A rectangular countertop or wall-mounted washbasin can be the benchmark for minimalist design, while the same washbasin on an elegant pedestal can be the perfect fixture for classic or vintage-style bathrooms. On a vanity cabinet made of light wood, it conveys the Scandinavian style, which is increasingly appreciated by interior designers.

The great versatility of rectangular washbasins also comes from the wide range of sizes, with compact washbasins fitting into small bathrooms and large washbasins offering maximum comfort in large bathrooms.

With their clean lines, these washbasins perfectly match any interior style and give the bathroom a distinctive character. Thanks to their shape, rectangular washbasins also make better use of the wall, leaving much more space in the room.

How to choose a high-quality rectangular washbasin

When it comes to washbasins and sanitary ceramics, it is necessary to pay special attention to quality, because they are designed to remain in the bathroom for a long time, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that their surface can best withstand vapours and condensation.

At Kerasan, we carefully select the raw materials to be used, and our manufacturing processes are carried out in compliance with recognised standards. Only in this way can a rectangular washbasin Made in Italy guarantee the best performance and a long life, despite the high humidity found in all bathrooms that could affect its noble surface.