Usually, bath decor must be based on a project, which takes into account the size of the bathroom and the taste of those who use it, in order to create a welcoming and well-tuned environment where washing, relaxing and taking care of oneself will be a pleasure. Every single fixture must be chosen with care: they have to combine with the other sanitary ware and improve space usability and comfort. Washbasins, bathroom fixtures and showers require the installation of taps that enhance their design and contribute to giving greater dynamism to the whole room. A result that can be easily achieved with the Nolita collection by Kerasan which includes a wide range of bathroom fixtures with exclusive and modern lines, with the addition of the high basin mixer tap without pop-up rod. It is an innovative Italian made product particularly ideal for adding a touch of style and brightness to the sink area of any bathroom.

    Innovative and striking taps for the sink area

    The high basin mixer tap without pop-up rod has a rounded shape and an elegant lever for opening and controlling the water temperature, which gives it a refined and essential style further enhanced by the chrome finish. It is an excellent product made with high-quality materials and employing avant-garde techniques which ensure resistance to high temperatures and scratches so as to preserve its original aesthetics over time. Easy to clean, the single-lever basin mixer tap does not have the pop-up rod that operates the drainage. It allows you to reduce water waste and helps save energy. It can be mounted on single-hole washbasins or worktops.

    High single-lever mixer taps for designer washbasins

    The Nolita high basin mixer tap without pop-up rod is a true work of art. Completely made in Italy, it is suitable for round, square or rectangular shaped washbasins placed on wooden or stone countertops to obtain an amazing and striking visual effect. It is a versatile and functional product, designed to furnish modern style and wonderfully comfortable bathrooms.