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    Single lever bidet mixer without pop-up drain: the new frontier of design

    If you are about to furnish your bathroom for the first time you know very well that this task, which seems apparently simple and trivial, hides obstacles and pitfalls. When furnishing an environment like the bathroom, some of the most difficult challenges are to make a careful choice of sanitary ware, to take advantage of the possibility of combining them with the best accessories and to try to use the space available in such a way as to offer users high standards of comfort. In recent years there has been a sort of trend inversion in the choice of fittings: in fact, wall-mounted taps or those without the pop-up drain are increasingly preferred. Not surprisingly, the bidet mixer without pop-up waste is one of the most innovative and daring solutions for modern style bathrooms. Kerasan, a leading company in bathroom interior design, offers its customers the Nolita collection, a highly sophisticated and technological collection of sanitary ware and fittings which is perfect for state-of-art bathrooms. In addition to the very high-quality materials used, in fact, elegance and charm are expressed through the accessories which boast a fresh and captivating design suitable for both classic and contemporary style bathrooms.

    Nolita: a collection with a timeless charm

    Kerasan has always been able to surprise you with intriguing and futuristic collections ever since it first appeared on the world bathroom furniture scene, definitely ahead of its time. The Nolita line is faithful to the history of the brand and includes striking and attractive fittings which perfectly suit any type of bathroom furnishing. The bidet mixer without pop-up drain is a modern key to having a bathroom in step with the times. The mixer tap, in fact, does not have a lever or bar on the back that is necessary to pull up to lower the plug stopper and push down to open the stopper, but it has a click-clack waste plug that can be opened or closed with simple finger pressure. In addition to taking up very little space on the washbasin edge that goes flush with the wall, this mixer tap ensures low water consumption.

    Why choose a mixer tap without pop-up waste

    Increasingly popular in modern style living concepts, this bidet mixer tap is the new frontier of the simple, pure, and essential bath design for a very special room like the bathroom is. There is no longer any lever to close the waste plug: therefore, the tap works independently because it is not connected to the drain of the bidet. The use of the bidet and the mixer tap becomes even simpler and more intuitive, as you simply push down on the stopper once to close it and push/click it again to open it. The bidet mixer without pop-up waste can embellish even the most austere and minimal style bathroom in a simple way, thanks also to the shininess and allure of the chromed steel. After all, Kerasan knows very well how to please its customers thanks to a continuous production of new and sophisticated creations.