A bathtub dedicated to personal care

    Anyone who is about to renovate or restyle a house cannot avoid the crucial question: bathtub or shower stall?
    It is impossible to decide which one of these two-bathroom solutions is the best, because the preferable choice depends on many different factors that should be taken into consideration. The best answer would be to have both, but it is not always possible due to the increasingly small spaces in modern homes.
    It is understood that for those who love taking time to pamper and regenerate the body and mind, the bathtub is an imperative fixture, especially if it is as beautiful and functional as the Nolita collection bathtub by Kerasan, a unique bathtub that is much more than a simple sanitary fixture.

    Amazing design and compact structure

    It is a big mistake to state that all bathtubs are equal. Each model has its own features and traits that differ from others and that are significant in the choice of the ideal bathtub based on personal needs and taste.
    The Nolita collection bathtub has a fundamentally very simple style, nothing too sumptuous or artificial. It is, however, precisely the relevance and minimalism of its lines which make it so aesthetically interesting. It has a perfectly oval shape, with well-rounded corners. Its enveloping shape conveys a sense of relaxation by just looking at it.
    Although its design is extremely modern, there is something in its structure that seems inspired by the trends of the past: being so deep and narrow - it measures 145x78 cm – it recalls the old bathtubs that occupied a minimum space whilst allowing total immersion.
    It is exactly this dual nature that makes the Nolita bathtub a jewel of rare beauty, in other words not only a sanitary fixture but a sculptural work of art, suitable to become the key element of the bathroom in which it is installed.