Imagine yourself at the end of a day or a week after all your routine tasks.

Our daily routine starts early in the morning, so when night falls, close the loop and plunge into a tub of hot water.

The moments of relaxation in life are precisely those in which stress and labour end. For this reason, we decided to produce a round bathtub in a contemporary style, almost as if to symbolize closing a circle. We are part of a contemporary world and in this world, we must be able to relax; bathing in a tub full of warm water, with its steam and sweet perfumes, is the maximum expression of relaxation.

The round bathtub in a modern style is available with a diameter of 140 cm or 120 cm. It is white and is a designer's item. The round bathtub has simple and welcoming shape, without asymmetry, that is innovative in its kind because it is unusual but, at the same time, reminiscent of ancient wash bowls.

The round bathtub is the most contemporary, as it is functional in small rooms and its central position provides the furnishings with personality, minimalism and a relaxing atmosphere.

The bathtub is available in two different diameters. Today, relax and design are an important union for those who choose a bathtub instead of a shower stall. Those who appreciate its monumental centrality, can buy it and place it in area which is not necessarily extremely spacious.

The centrality is provided by the small size and the free installation, which obviously has the only constraint of the plumbing system in the house.

The round bathtub is in polimineral, one of the most resistant and hygienic materials on the market.

Polimineral is an inert, hygienic, odourless product with very high resistance to shock and to the passage of time. Therefore, it is perfect for a bathtub produced to last over the years.