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Vintage bathtubs

The bathtub: an essential unit in every comfortable home

The bathroom, the most intimate and private setting of the home, must be comfortable and well-furnished. Its efficiency lies in the meticulous attention to detail. It is a room devoted to personal care in which the daily routine starts and where everyone can relax at the end of a tiring work day. A bathtub is a real source of comfort: it is aimed not only at personal grooming, but also at resting body and mind.

The bathtub is a fundamental fixture for small and large bathrooms and can be installed either recessed or along the wall. Vintage style bathtubs are products of great charm and, besides being extremely useful, they are highly ornamental in terms of interior design. As stated by professionals in the furniture field, bathrooms must comply with a series of specific requirements, such as functionality, safety and elegance. It is necessary that sanitary ware be convenient, easy to clean and pleasing to the eye. These goals can be easily achieved by installing a vintage style bathtub.

The aesthetic appeal of claw foot tubs

This kind of bathtub is manufactured with the best raw materials available on the market and have a shiny and polished surface. Clean and regular lines, classic style and chromed details depict a product of extraordinary beauty.

The structure of the bathtub is made of acrylic, which is highly resistant to the action of water and steam. Usually, a claw foot tub is suitable for any bathroom, especially those in a retro and more classic style.

These free-standing bathroom units are often completed with ornamental details, such as beautiful lion paw-style feet. The general perception is a setting of great refinement. Similarly, Old England bathtubs, with waste and overflow kit, are real eye-catchers that ensure high standards of hygiene. The vintage style bathtubs, especially in large bathrooms, can also be placed in the centre of the room without reducing the space designated for another sanitary ware. A centrally positioned bathtub can enhance the whole setting thanks to its original design.

Vintage style bathtubs and their numerous advantages

We have already talked about the aesthetic advantages that claw foot tubs offer. However, the beauty of these items run parallel to their functionality: they are designed to last over time and to remain unchanged after many years of use if routine maintenance is carried out. The acrylic used for the bathtubs is a material that will rarely be damaged by moisture, lime scale and chemical agents. It is very solid and robust and can fully guarantee the safety and the life-span of the product. This kind of bathtub is also suitable for families with children and elderly people, as they are certified and manufactured according to the law.

Available in black or white, these bathroom fixtures are easy to clean thanks to a smooth and even surface. They also are cost-effective items. Most frequently, one product of original design can transform any empty space into a warm and welcoming setting and bathroom accessories are certainly no exception because they must be carefully selected to convey comfort and intimacy.