A square bathtub is the maximum expression of relaxation, it is the place where you can establish the distinction between well-being of the body and mind and the plights of your daily routine. A square represents the geometric order of those who want to re-establish a sensation of stability and well-being in their lives.

Kerasan offers a small 120x120 square bathtub, which is characterized by its free-standing installation, in the centre of the room or back to wall in order to have the classic angular positioning and to avoid the old-fashioned and not very functional tiled walls.

The square shape of a bathtub undoubtedly expresses simple and clean lines, white colours of purity and a modern essential design that easily reaches high standards of formal refinement. The square bathtub by Kerasan is small and comfortable due to its characteristic shape. It is a quality product for those who do not want to do without the pleasure of a nice bathroom, even if they have only a small space available.

The linearity and purity of the design of a square bathtub also inspire great creativity in the development of all the other bathroom fixtures.
With a similar bathtub, it is easy to play with accessories, washbasins and bathroom fixtures as well as choosing the appropriate decorations, the correct lighting and suitable bathroom furniture.
This square bathtub weighs 385,809 lb and is made of polimineral material, an innovative and hygienic material that is easy to clean, shockproof, scratch proof and long-lasting.
Polimineral bathtubs are produced to last forever, because your relaxation must always be protected over the years.