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Free-standing bathtubs

Free-standing bathtubs, with their sophisticated design, are characterized as central and elegant furnishing elements.
The central position of a bathtub derives from the desire to create a luxury solution for one’s house.
That's why free-standing bathtubs become an essential element every time you want to distinguish your bathroom from quarter or half-baths, where space is limited, and create an elegant environment, as if it were a living room.

Free-standing bathtubs, thanks to the quality material they are made of, the central positioning, and the design that combines futuristic lines and stylish compactness, are considered principle and elegant furnishing elements.

Kerasan offers eight different models of free-standing bathtubs: four in acrylic resin and four in poly mineral elements. These tubs also differ in shape and dimension and in their "monumental" structure. Free-standing bathtubs are placed on the floor with a floor drain, but they can be mounted anywhere in the room.

The shape of free-standing bathtubs, with squared and compact lines typical of the most modern and trendy bathrooms, recall the sinuous and undulating movement of water. They are a re-creation of the close relationship between wellness, vitality and water, which, according to Thales, is a primary element.

The design of the lines in acrylic and poly mineral materials is fundamental in free-standing bathtubs because, when rooms are large, and the bathtub plays a leading role, it is more than ever necessary to enhance the importance of detail, the creation of design and the search for beauty in order to achieve an elegant and relaxing visual impact. Every single experience in a remarkable bathtub with warm water is relaxing.

There are also elliptical shaped, free-standing bathtubs with curved lines and edges, trapezoidal shaped tubs with squared lines, and another that resembles a gondola. Free-standing bathtubs can also have traditional shapes: round (120 cm or 140 cm in diameter) or square (120 x120 cm.). Whatever shape you choose, the bathtub will be the centre of attraction of your bathroom.

This is a modern solution, in terms of contemporary or avant-garde style and geometric order. It has a functional, trendy and symbolic value.

The free-standing bathtub is a symbol of prestige and purity. The choice of a white bathtub is no coincidence. It is the bathroom fixture that expresses the refined taste of the interior designer.