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Vasche in acrilico

Among the materials selected by Kerasan for their bathtubs, you can find acrylic resin, chosen to meet certain individual needs and designers’ approval.

Kerasan uses many materials for their bathtubs; technical innovation has provided several solutions to meet the renewed functional needs of design and size of the bathroom.

Among the materials selected by Kerasan, is acrylic resin, chosen to meet some individual needs and designer approval, as well as the approval of architects.

The decision to use acrylic resin for bathtubs is due to some basic characteristics that make it one of the best-selling solutions in the world.

What are the characteristics of an acrylic bathtub?

Acrylic resin is a perfect ductile material for bathtubs of design, as it allows the best versatility in shape and form. Moreover, it can guarantee both sinuosity and geometric order.

Acrylic is a resistant but light material, so its use has become a more than suitable alternative to the classic heavy and bulky ceramic bathtub. In addition, it is also slip-resistant.

Shock resistance is one of the most important features than you may notice at first glance. Domestic accidents are very common and unfortunately, for example, a hair dryer could fall and crack the bathtub.

The acrylic resin does not crack. Thanks to this strength, it is scratch proof. It is necessary, however, to use soft sponges and specific kits for cleaning. It is advisable to avoid the use of acid-based products or unsuitable detergents.

Smooth to the touch, this material gives a pleasant and warm sensation because it is not affected by temperature changes. The surface units the pleasure of its smoothness with the functionality of a non-porous material with anti-lime scale properties.

A bathtub is a place of complete relaxation, where every element must coordinate to allow the best possible experience. All of the bathroom furniture, its lights, and also the perfumes used contribute to the users’ best emotional well-being.

Total relaxation will be achieved by a steady water temperature. Acrylic resin for sanitary ware allows you to obtain this result because it absorbs infrared radiations and cannot be affected by changes in temperature. Acrylic bathtubs are available in four different types:

- TriBeCa is a rectangular bathtub with rounded and curved corners sized 80x170 cm.
- Flo is an elliptical shape with a high and extended upper part compared to its base. It is 82x170 cm.
- Ego is a smaller trapezoidal shaped bathtub (only 70x160 cm).
- Waldorf (82x167 cm.) expresses at best the ductility of acrylic resin, which is worked and developed with futuristic and sinuous lines like those of the sea waves.