The rectangle is the classic shape of a bathtub, surely the shape to which we are most used to and one of the most popular in private homes. A rectangle is a regular shape with variable dimensions. It recalls a stretched-out body looking for relaxation. A rectangular bathtub immediately recalls the image of a body plunged into a bathtub full of water and soap suds.

A bathtub stands for rest, wellness, moments for yourself, intimacy and recovery from busy days at work. The monumental nature and the modern, clean, pure and precise lines of free-standing rectangular bathtubs are impressive.

The concept of rectangular bathtubs has developed three models: in the first model trapezoidal elements are evident, so the width is less at the base than it is in the upper part of the tub; the second model is a real rectangle, while the third model has ultra-thin rounded angles and the outer rim is in relief.

Choosing a rectangular bathtub means making a selection of a timeless model, which is, at the same time, close to the latest trends in interior design. The linearity of the contemporary style can evoke antique atmospheres of relaxation, as we can see in these bathtubs.

Kerasan rectangular bathtubs are available in two materials: acrylic resin and polimineral. Both materials guarantee hygiene and are slip-resistant, shockproof and easy to clean. The rectangular bathtubs are quite suitable for large rooms. In fact, the two bathtubs in acrylic resin are respectively 80x170 and 80x160 cm, while the bathtub in polimineral can be 70x160 or 80x180 cm.

The rectangular shape and the white colour of the bathtubs by Kerasan provide an aesthetic sensation of purity, a logical order of the elements that fits directly into functional and architectural contexts without compromise. It is no coincidence that these free-standing and easy to install bathtubs, which must, however but clearly comply with the plumbing system in the room, are perfect not only for private homes but also for big public projects.