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Modern bathtubs

Modern bathtubs are revolutionizing the way of conceiving the bathtub, a fact which is evident at first sight.

Trendy bathtubs are characterized by innovation in materials, beauty and functionality.

Acrylic and Poly mineral materials have been chosen for the characteristic of being light and flexible, as well as providing a long-lasting and hygienic product which is easy to assemble and clean.

Modern designed bathtubs are revolutionizing the conception of a bathtub and this is evident at first sight, as they have permanently set aside the concept of a wall-mounted bathtub built in an "almost obligated" space framed by a tiled wall structure.

Modern designed bathtubs can be mounted anywhere in the room or, better, in any place where installation and assembly are possible. In this way, they leave great freedom in the planning stage.

Modern bathtubs are free-standing: free from constraints and free from stylistic layouts that, although refined, belong to the past.

Minimal shapes furnish the bathroom and give a sense of great purity. The lines provide geometric order to the whole room. All modern-style models are free-standing and lay on the floor, rejecting the classic and decorative clawed feet of old-style bath tubs.

Kerasan has opted for white for its modern bathtubs, which would seem a traditional choice, but, it is a necessary complement for lines and shapes of design, which are conceived to obtain a minimalistic or futuristic avant-garde style.

A modern bathtub fits into energy and water efficiency environments because an efficient plumbing system is essential to save water and to achieve high thermal efficiency.

The water must be warm enough, and the bath tub must be filled in a short time. Acrylic and Poly mineral materials keep the water temperature steady, but clearly it also needs an efficient plumbing system which is a priority.

Modern designed bathtubs do not only express functionality based on their space ratio with the bathroom, but more likely on their end-use customers. This involves ergonomic bathtubs, which offer the best conditions for wellness. We recommend reading technical data sheets to check the dimensions of each bathtub.

If you are thinking of renovating the bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, you must check how much space you have available, what kind of plumbing and masonry work you need and the expenses you will have.

If you believe renovation is possible, then you will only have to select the shape and the material that best suits you.

As already mentioned, the Kerasan range includes Acrylic and Poly mineral bathtubs, in the following shapes: circular, square, elliptical, oval, rectangular with square corners and rectangular with rounded corners.

Le collezioni Kerasan, come già anticipato, presentano vasche in acrilico e Polymineral, nelle seguenti forme: circolare, quadrata, ovale, rettangolare squadrata, rettangolare smussata ed ellittica.