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Btw wc pan NORIM 52

    NO RIM, the system that revolutionizes the world of toilets

    A wood-effect stoneware floor, a resin-coated wall in dove-grey and a pleasant suffused lighting that gives off heat and creates a warm atmosphere: this is the perfect setting for the 52 cm NO RIM toilet, a designer fixture with high standards of functionality. Its technical feature deserves to be studied in detail. This toilet is part of the Kerasan production, a company which launched a new and revolutionary system in the world of sanitary ware. We refer to the NO RIM system, thanks to which water flushes dynamically in the toilet, sanitising evenly the whole surface. There are two advantages: it saves water, which is an added value because it reduces cost and consumption, and it guarantees having a sanitised toilet. Thanks to this system, the toilet is always hygienically clean because the water flows along the whole surface without splashing. This means that the 52 cm NO RIM WC requires minimal maintenance and neither time nor use can damage its beauty.

    The NO RIM toilet perfectly combines design and functionality

    The 52 cm NO RIM toilet, as well as the other sanitary ware with this Italian patented revolutionary system, owes its incredible functionality to the absence of a rim: it does not have the common holes under a rim which are typical of a traditional toilet and it is totally devoid of internal edges where dirt and bacteria tend to nest. In the classic toilet, the flushing water does not actually reach the entire surface of the toilet, which consequently needs to be cleaned in a drastic and accurate manner to ensure that the toilet is perfectly sanitized. With the NO RIM system all this will no longer be necessary: the water comes out directly from a rather wide but thin slot, spreading almost perfectly over the entire surface of the bowl. It’s a feature that cannot go unnoticed thanks to the absolute certainty that the bathroom will be cleaner than ever.

    Zero maintenance and water saving are the trump card of the 52 cm NO RIM toilet

    It amazes the way design and functionality combine and coexist in a toilet that apparently would basically seem so simple and minimalist. The 52 cm NO RIM toilet is a back-to-wall toilet and has a rounded shape, which is typical of contemporary trends. This is another feature dictated by the need to provide customers with a toilet that is easier to clean, to sanitize and to maintain in comparison with the traditional floor-mounted sanitary appliances that require routine maintenance. Therefore, this toilet is perfect for those who want to turn their bathroom into a haven of rest and relaxation, into a safe and reassuring shelter where they can restore the soul and body after a long day at work. In other words, a contemporary and stylish environment where the bathroom fixtures have distinctive features which are able to amaze you whenever you look at them.