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Vintage style sanitary ware 

Vintage style sanitary ware 

The charm of old-style sanitary ware is timeless

For those who would like a retro style bathroom, the epitome is old-style sanitary ware that evokes distant and unforgettable times, such as the Victorian Age or the Belle Époque. Specifically, classic style bathroom fixtures stand out for their elegance, beauty and high quality which are typical of the past as well as for the constant technological innovation that allows us to obtain maximum efficiency, resistance and long life of the sanitary ware. Hence, how should we go about furnishing a retro style bathroom?

Certainly, it is necessary to choose material, accessories, interior design items, colours and vintage style sanitary ware, a mix that should be harmonious and, above all, can properly recall the style of a bygone era. Apropos, it is noteworthy to say that the term “old style” is often replaced with “Vintage style”, especially if we refer to a period which is not too far back in time. On the contrary, over the course of the last 20 years, the term retro has been used to specify a more distant period, for example the above-mentioned Victorian Age.

Furnishing a classic bathroom with old style sanitary ware

Old style bathroom fixtures, such as washbasins, toilets, bathtubs and bidets, necessary to assemble the bathroom of one’s dreams, are characterized by the type of ceramic they are made of and by round or rectangular shapes with softened edges typical of the retro style. This stylish sanitary ware is suitable both for homes and for more classy, sophisticated urban buildings such as 5-stars hotels. More specifically, a classic style bathroom can be composed of, for example, old style bathroom fixtures described as follows:

- a white or black oval bathtub with brass feet and thick, asymmetric edges;
- a toilet with high-thick seat cover and a cistern with side lever for flushing;
- a single-hole bidet with chrome or gold-plated bidet tap;
- a wall-hung washbasin with a floor standing metal vanity unit; alternatively, small suspended hand basins;
- a shower tray with high sides;
- accessories such as a glass shelf, a towel holder, and so on;
- two wall lamps.

The old-style sanitary ware by Kerasan

The vintage bathroom fixtures are characterized by the single unit structure, curved design or oval or rectangular shapes with rounded corners and thick edges. That’s why classic-style bathroom fixtures clearly recall the nineteenth-century era with great attention paid to design, finish, accessories and materials used to recreate the warmth and hospitality typical of the past, but without overlooking the industrial innovation of advanced plumbing engineering. More specifically, the retro style toilets and bidets are made of fine vitreous china and are inspired by the Victorian Age and the American neo-Gothic style. In this respect, traditional English sanitary ware is floor-mounted and distant from the walls with clearly visible fixing screws. Floor-mounted toilets with low-level or high-level cisterns belong to this category: in this case a beautiful external pipe, in chrome, coloured gold or bronze, connects the two elements. Among the classic-style sanitary ware, we have to mention the close-coupled toilet, a style of suspended toilet with the cistern attached directly to the pan, suitable for those who have a small bathroom.