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Btw wc pan with Btw UNICA floor cistern

    The Flo collection 52 cm toilet with Unica floor-mounted cistern designed by Simone Anzellini is a sanitary fixture which is appropriate in any interior design. The entire Flo collection, composed of bidets, toilets and washbasins in many sizes, can fulfil the most different requisites of renovation, giving the bathroom an original style. The 52 cm toilet with the Unica Flo cistern is an excellent way to create a comfortable bathroom which will meet the needs of adults and children in a simple and functional way. Furnishing a bathroom with this toilet and with the sink and bidet of the same collection is the perfect way to create the ideal place to savour relaxing moments of comfort in your own home.

    The Flo toilet with Unica floor-mounted cistern: a bathroom fixture that gives new life to the bathroom

    With its smooth and round shapes, the Flo toilet bowl can make the bathroom appear lighter and more spacious providing a new look and creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere all around. It is tasteful, comfortable and functional and considerably improves the interior design of the whole bathroom with its simple and fine style. Made of high-quality raw materials, it is a durable toilet which will never go out of style. The bathroom will stand out thanks to a touch of sophisticated elegance.

    The Flo toilet with Unica cistern: state-of-the-art sanitary ware

    The Flo toilet with Unica floor-mounted cistern is a professionally -made toilet designed to meet the most diverse daily needs. A high-quality product that can be purchased at a reasonable price. It has been designed to ensure the highest standard of comfort. That is why it is also characterized by the highest level of functionality and by a design that is in tune with any bathroom.