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Btw wc pan 52 cm

    The Flo collection 52 cm toilet bowl is a bathroom fixture designed to meet the basic needs of a functional bathroom and to satisfy individual needs of a refined elegance. The main, strategic goal is to furnish the bathroom with style, the most overlooked room in the house for years. A room which today, more than ever, needs special attention, since the bathroom is the place where personal care and wellness prevails.

    52 cm Flo toilet: riding the wave of the best Italian artisan tradition

    Like every element of the Flo collection, the 52 cm toilet has been produced in full compliance with the most modern design: it is one of the Italian-made products, which honour the Italian flag in the world, riding on the wave of its long artisan tradition. This collection does not turn its nose up at a modern linear design, but tailors the design, giving each element a distinctive touch of elegance. The result is a bathroom embellished with greatly valuable objects, whose aesthetics are also the consequence of choosing the best colour for sanitary ware: a brilliant white that honours very high-quality ceramic.

    Flo: a clear reference to the grace and elegance of petals and floral stems

    The 52 cm Flo toilet has been designed, along with the other bathroom fixtures of the same collection with the aim of recalling graceful and rounded floral shapes. More in detail the reference is to petals and flower stems. The designer who has projected this toilet, as well as the whole Flo collection, is the Italian Simone Anzellini, who has not overlooked a single detail. He also made a great decision in naming this sanitary ware collection. To this regard, it is important to clarify that Flo is the contraction of the English word Flower and clearly refers to the above-mentioned visual impact of floral shapes highlighted by the Flo collection 52 cm toilet.