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One hole washbasin

    A private bathroom or public toilet for disabled people must be designed without architectural barriers and it must be set up with elements that can allow people who suffer from gait disorders or wheelchair users to move around and perform personal hygiene activities freely and independently.

    Washbasins, sanitary ware, and accessories must have specific structural and technical characteristics aimed at improving the comfort of physically disabled persons. Bathrooms in public places such as shops, cafeterias and restaurants must comply with specific regulations to ensure a safe and disabled-friendly environment. Kerasan, always concerned about the needs of mobility impaired customers, offers ergonomic bathroom fixtures which combine aesthetics and functionality to fully satisfy their needs.

    The Kerasan bathroom line for the disabled includes a single-hole washbasin, a ceramic product of great aesthetics, manufactured with attention to detail. Its design guarantees the safety and comfort of wheelchair users and those who need support when they wash themselves but have no help.

    The single hole washbasin: a refined and functional design

    This compact washbasin is characterized by a concave design featuring an elbow rest on both sides and a large area flush with the wall to house a mixer tap and some personal hygiene products. Moreover, it has a deep bowl that allows the water to drain quickly. Made of high-quality ceramics, it is a sturdy washbasin that will preserve its original aesthetics over time. This basin requires wall installation that leaves the space underneath free so that use of a wheelchair, walking frame or perching stool is facilitated.

    The washbasin can be completed with grab bars to ensure greater help for the disabled and a swivelling mirror that Kerasan can supply. Kerasan, with its bathroom line for the disabled, aims to create tailor-made environments in which style and convenience are well-tuned so that settings will be pleasant and enjoyable.