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Wall hung urinal

    The Waldorf suspended urinal: a design product that enhances the bathroom

    The Waldorf wall-hung urinal, designed by the designer Massimiliano Cicconi, is a sanitary fixture of rare beauty able to enhance any bathroom.

    A room devoted to personal care should be well-planned, neat, elegant, and sanitised; nothing must be left to chance. Amazing sanitary ware, like the Waldorf urinal, are required if we want to add value to our bathroom, because it is a furnishing solution that provides the whole environment with distinguishing features recurring in public toilets and home bathrooms as well.

    With every element of the Waldorf collection, the bathroom will be characterised by three constants: refinement, harmony and order. From the mix of these elements emerges a new life for the bathroom. Here you can seek refuge in total relaxation and disconnect from the rest of the world.

    The Waldorf wall-mounted urinal: a bathroom fixture that can give new life to the bathroom

    The Waldorf wall-hung urinal is a designer product able to renovate the interior of an old bathroom or to enhance a new furnishing project. Made of superior quality Italian ceramic, this urinal, designed to recall the elegance of the early twentieth century, is part of a collection created to celebrate the bathroom fixtures of the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Characterized by a rectangular shape with rounded corners and double-thick edges, this element, with its clean and elegant lines, creates an unexpected and original effect in the bathroom.