The evergreen elegance of the Waldorf extended bidet

    Elegant, impressive and delightfully vintage: these are three adjectives that best describe the core of the extended bidet of the Waldorf collection, a sanitary fixture designed to make the news and bewitch the heart of anyone who appreciates the timeless sophistication of classic furniture. It is not just a common bidet intended exclusively for personal care, it is a real piece of furniture with unique charm and a design that makes the bathroom a wonderfully elegant room.

    When the classic style continues to be trendy

    All the products of the Waldorf collection are characterized by retro style design and details that recall the classic.
    Unsurprisingly, the goal is to give the client the chance to furnish a bathroom along the lines of the sumptuous baths of the past, those in which elegance was the top priority. This bidet does not delude the customers’ expectations: its structure is classic in all respects, both in terms of design and volume. Its main feature is the basin that seems to protrude from the base, as if it were a sort of extension of this base.

    Elegance and quality are its strengths

    The visual impact is amazing, and the extended bidet of the Waldorf collection will uniquely enhance the bathroom where it is placed. This sanitary ware is entirely made of white vitreous china, so that aesthetics joins the guarantee of buying a bathroom fixture that is robust, functional and easy to clean. The setting is clear, there is no leeway for free interpretation: in order to let this extended bidet stand out for its beauty, it is essential that it be combined with sanitary ware of the same collection or with those inspired by retro style and design.
    A set of 3-bathroom fixtures from the Waldorf collection is suitable for anyone who wants to furnish a refined, retro style bathroom with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, a room where you can proudly welcome guests and where you can feel at ease surrounded by furniture and top-quality, high-class sanitary ware.