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White wall-hung vanity unit with oak frontal panel and space-saving bottle trap for 102 cm


    Thelma & Louise collection wall cabinet with white oak front and simple and refined lines to create a bathroom with a unique style

    A vanity cabinet with a linear geometry highlighted by the choice of material, finishes and a polished porcelain washbasin. Elegant and unique, it is an ideal piece of furniture to create a functional and aesthetic washing area that meets the stylistic and comfort requirements of a modern life which requires practical and beautiful furnishings for the bathroom.

    Thelma & Louise wall cabinet for modern bathrooms

    The Thelma & Louise cabinet consists of a single large drawer base with a rectangular oak front and a white ceramic washbasin with an oval bowl inside. This piece of furniture is characterised by essential lines, while the combination of wood and white porcelain is its distinguishing feature: it is a perfect ally If you need to make better use of the space in available in your bathroom and, at the same time, define its style. Equipped with a space-saving bottle-trap, the cabinet has a width of 102 cm and is perfect for enhancing a small or medium-sized bathroom. Equipped with a mixer tap, a backlit mirror, shelves in wood or metal, it is a piece of furniture that allows a lot of freedom in completing the design of the washing area, adapting easily to any style.

    An environmentally friendly and functional wall cabinet

    Made of high-quality materials and using innovative eco-friendly production processes, it is a ‘Made in Italy’ product characterised by durability, impact resistance and easy cleaning. Its compact and polished porcelain does not absorb dirt and always stays clean, while the wall installation facilitates floor sanitation and contributes to a clean environment.