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Matt black stainless steel vanity unit with white gres worktop and matt black drawer


    Thelma & Louise matte black vanity unit with stoneware top and wooden drawer: a piece of furniture with a refined design for a stylish vanity area.

    This stainless-steel vanity unit is part of the latest Thelma & Louise collection: it is characterised by an exclusive and modern design that perfectly interprets the stylistic and functional requirements of contemporary bathrooms. It is a piece of furniture with high decorative power that optimises and enhances the space dedicated to the sink area. It is suitable for use in small rooms where space-saving and, at the same time, visually appealing solutions are required.

    The metal frame: solid and environmentally friendly

    The Thelma & Louise vanity unit, made of matte black stainless steel, has a top made of white porcelain stoneware, large enough to accommodate a designer washbasin and keep objects or products of daily use within reach. It also has a metal bar for towels and a handy wood-finish drawer to store everything you need for personal hygiene. It is a versatile and solid vanity unit, made of high-quality materials, processed with the most modern techniques to preserve its aesthetic qualities. The vanity unit is treated with epoxy powder coatings, using systems that prevent the spread of volatile organic compounds in the air, which gives the frame greater strength and elasticity.

    A vanity unit for designer washbasins

    This vanity unit is especially suitable for small bathrooms or if you are looking for a compact piece of furniture with a simple geometry and refined details made with the best materials. It is a great alternative if you want to set up an elegant vanity area without weighing down the space. This result can be easily achieved with any vanity unit from the Thelma & Louise collection, whose design adapts to different contexts and is always extremely attractive. Combined with a modern mirror and, above all, a designer washbasin, it helps to organize the space in the bathroom and gives it a distinctive style.