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Yorkshire 686x470x254 mm

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    The Hannah Glasse sink, 686 x 470 x 254 mm: a minimalist design refined in detail for a stationary kitchen basin with exclusive ‘Made in Italy’ charm. In recent years, interior design has paid a lot of attention to kitchen furniture. The furniture for a kitchen should have an attractive style, be able to beautify the space and make it more pleasant. The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where people spend most of their time, and it has become an integral part of the living area, so the open-style kitchen is one of the most popular trends of recent times. Therefore, each element is selected with care, focusing on furniture and accessories with unusual design, combining functionality and elegance. These features are reflected in the Hannah Glasse sink, 686 x 470 x 254 mm, which is characterised by a rectangular shape with simple lines and which is unique and visually striking thanks to some original detail on the front of the sink.

    A reversible sink

    A piece of furniture that can be installed on a worktop or semi-recessed and is reversible, that is, it can be mounted on one side or the other, since all sides have a glazed and polished surface. An ideal solution for sinks that need to be placed on a kitchen island or in general if you want to have a tidy and easy-to-clean cooking area. Thanks to its small dimensions (686 x 470 x 254 mm) the Hannah Glasse sink can be installed in any kitchen, improving its usability and aesthetics.

    Made in Italy

    A versatile and comfortable product which is ‘Made in Italy’ and designed to last. It is made with certified ceramic materials using innovative production processes that guarantee high quality standards. The glazed ceramic ensures that the sink is always neat and clean, facilitating the removal of dirt and ensuring high standards of hygiene. A valuable artefact to focus on to create a cosy, ergonomic and appealing kitchen. One of the strengths of this sink is its versatility, which allows it to be combined with classic or modern furniture.