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Tradition and innovation: how a successful product is made

Tradition and innovation: how a successful product is made

A product Made in Italy is often linked to quality and excellence, but what is concealed behind it? What makes it so unique and special? Behind a successful product there is a perfect mix of tradition and innovation unconnected to a particular geographical location but related to skilled manufacturing processes that are handed down from generation to generation with an eye always on the future and characterised by innovative production processes.

The history of Made in Italy

The Made in Italy trademark was born in the Eighties, and was coined to defend the quality, creativity and particular attention to detail that still distinguishes all items and supplies produced in Italy. The standard of excellence achieved was so high that many attempts at counterfeiting occurred and this fact obliged producers to find a protective system to distinguish those original creations that were receiving more and more approval from all over the world. The most affected sectors of these attempts at counterfeiting were interior design together with the culinary and clothing industry. Bathroom and kitchen furniture were often proposed as products Made in Italy, thus misleading consumers who were looking for Italian excellence in both sectors.

But not even the mintage of the “label” was enough to protect brands from wrong interpretations because it was sufficient that a product had been planned and designed in Italy to be defined as Made in Italy. Because the quality of each product also depends on the manufacturing process which, at that time, could also be carried out abroad, only in 2009 the Legislative Decree 135 clarified this issue establishing that an object could be classified 100% Made in Italy only and exclusively if it were conceived, designed, and manufactured in Italy. Thereafter, choosing a 100% Made in Italy item means taking home an object made with particular care that always characterizes the Italian production down to the smallest detail.

Bathroom furniture 100% Made in Italy

The 100% Made in Italy bathroom furniture that Kerasan has always proposed and continue to offer entails all features that distinguish a successful product: from the design that is carried out by the best interior planners to the careful choice of raw materials, ending with a manufacturing process that perfectly mixes all the wise labour experience handed down from generation to generation with the most cutting-edge technologies. Only a perfect balance between all these elements can provide stylish and durable products to be placed in rooms where high grade of humidity might be present. If not adequately treated, taps and sanitary fittings can be damaged by condensation and vapour, thus losing their original beauty. Kerasan’s bathroom fixtures instead are designed to be long-lasting even in the case of particularly intense use, thus turning out to be ideal not only for private bathrooms in residential complexes but also for contract furniture in hotels, restaurants, and corporations. The care and attention that our designers devote to bath decor turn into items with clean lines that ensure extraordinary, easy-to-clean, elegant, and valued fixtures.

Washbasins, sanitary ware, taps, shower trays, furniture, and bathroom accessories by Kerasan are not simply interior design items to be placed in the bathroom, but long-lasting products which enable us to keep the exclusive look and aesthetics unchanged even after the most intense use. These are features that only and exclusively high-quality bathroom furniture can have.