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Classic sanitary ware for an elegantly furnished bathroom in a retro style

Classic sanitary ware for an elegantly furnished bathroom in a retro style

Traditional sanitaryware prove to be the perfect bathroom solution when you want to evoke a vintaged atmosphere, allowing lovers of classical tradition to have a romantic and retro style environment. But how can you furnish a bathroom and make everything perfect? Classic style certainly does not mean out of fashion, and today it is possible to find collections of ceramic sanitaryware in a vintage style capable of decorating any bathroom with an elegant and refined allure. A timeless style and a design reminiscent of bygone days characterise unique sanitaryware. They can come in various shapes: square or geometric but also with rounded and soft lines.

Classic sanitaryware, original shapes for optimal comfort

Although classic sanitaryware are usually massive and slightly larger than the modern ones which are more intended for bathrooms in a minimalist style, they can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom without renouncing practicality. A large size does not affect the design but it makes the sanitaryware the protagonists of a timelessly stylish environment that evokes a vintage ancient atmosphere. State of the art technology and the best materials ensure a high grade of resistance and durability, and make the classic sanitaryware available today on the market a true rarity in bath design. They also provide optimal comfort and make cleaning easy and quick. Our Retrò sanitaryware collection is all this and more because it can be enhanced by bathroom taps thanks to their romantic style. They seem to have been created specifically to highlight timeless washbasins and bidets. As for the materials, fittings in a classic style feature chrome, stainless steel, or gold finishes, sometimes embellished with small ceramic, glass or crystal details.

The washbasins prepared for being installed on a vanity unit, countertop, or pedestal, provide the perfect solution for any space requirement, including a distinctive corner washbasin that is invaluable when furnishing a small bathroom. The bidet should follow the lines of the washbasin to create a uniform style. It usually has three-tap holes for a two individual lever taps: a detail that will certainly not escape the attentive eye of the most demanding designers.

The toilet, available for a floor-standing, wall-hung or close-coupled installation, can be fitted with a high-level or low-level cistern. These three solutions recall the most traditional toilets of the past and create an atmosphere of yesteryear, that can captivate anyone who crosses the threshold of the room. The toilets flush with a button, a side lever, or a chain, which hangs from the cistern above.

But the real attraction of the most classic bathroom is the bathtub. The bathtub from the Retrò collection is made of acrylic and has elegant chrome-plated brass feet as supports, capable of creating a unique atmosphere in the bathroom. Its shape recalls the classic bathtubs of the early twentieth century, those that were typical of the Victorian age and that would later be found in the most luxurious bathrooms which are well known today and that continue to captivate users thanks to their evergreen design.