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Bathroom cabinets: a perfect match of comfort and design

Bathroom cabinets: a perfect match of comfort and design

Bath design is the art and science of enhancing the bathroom and even the smallest detail must be carefully considered if you aim at noteworthy results like those depicted on the most famous covers of trade magazines. In addition to a careful choice of bathroom fixtures and special attention to the washbasin, the bathroom cabinet is also very important.

There is a wide range of bathroom cabinets to choose from if you want to create a trendy bathroom. You can opt for an elegant countertop or high-quality vanity units designed to offer plenty of space for bathroom linen and many other small but essential accessories for daily use. One of the most popular solutions for interior designers is undoubtedly the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: a perfect combination of style and functionality that fits into modern and classic style bathrooms thanks to their refined elegance.

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets: a perfect combination of convenience and elegance

A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is a particular type of furniture that doesn't stand on the floor, but it must be anchored to the wall using screws and metal bars. The success wall-mounted bathroom cabinets have had in recent years is due to the fact that they offer an infinite number of advantages. As they do not stand on the floor, they make cleaning much easier, more effective, and faster since the space below is completely empty and there is no place for dirt to deposit. In an environment where frequent cleaning is required, having a practical and comfortable vanity unit can really make a difference. Their installation above the floor also gives the room a sense of greater spaciousness, and therefore interior designers very often use this type of bathroom cabinet to furnish small bathrooms.

Among the various proposals of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets you can find models with large drawer units and others with a single interior space hidden from view by elegant doors. There is also an abundance of suspended vanity units with a visible lower shelf specifically designed for a minimalist style bathroom. As for the size, it is possible to find bathroom cabinets of any dimension that can perfectly respond to any space requirement: from the smallest ones, designed to accommodate a tiny washbasin, to the larger ones where even double washbasins can be placed.

Countertops for washbasins: a trendy solution in a modern bathroom

In addition to wall-mounted cabinets, you can also find very elegant countertops suitable for modern style bathrooms. Often made of wood, they provide a useful support surface on which the highest quality washbasins can be placed. In this case it is also possible to find various types and sizes designed to satisfy every need. Functionality and style also find their maximum expression in the countertops.

Considered a must-have in a modern bathroom, a wooden top is designed to support the most refined countertop washbasins, enhancing its extraordinary elegance, and at the same time offering a useful surface on which many essential toiletries can be placed. When choosing the countertop, it is necessary to consider both the space available and the dimensions of the washbasin, trying to leave at least 20/25 cm of free surface on each side on which you can place a glass, a soap dish, or a soap dispenser, as well as various make-up or shaving products.

In the lower part you could store useful laundry baskets or leave the floor completely bare. Whatever you decide, your bathroom will be always tidy and clean with a countertop designed for modern and functional environments.