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Incentives for the purchase of new furniture in 2024, what is new?

Incentives for the purchase of new furniture in 2024, what is new?

Renewed furniture bonus for 2024, but with some innovations, including lower sums for the maximum deductible amount. Let us see when you can take advantage of the 'discount' for the purchase of bathroom furniture.

Furniture bonus, IRPEF deduction: how does it work?

The IRPEF deduction for those who decide to buy furniture and household appliances has been confirmed again for 2024, but with some changes. In order to benefit from the 50% IRPEF deduction on the expenditure incurred, the furniture purchased must still be intended for a property that is being renovated. The 'link' with the renovation bonus remains and it is therefore necessary to carry out building renovation work in order to benefit from the tax reduction on the furniture.

The number of possible beneficiaries therefore remains unchanged, while there will be a major change to the deductible amount from this year. While it was possible to deduct up to a maximum amount of 8,000 euros until 31 December 2023, the limit will fall to 5,000 euros from 1 January 2024. In detail, it will therefore be possible to reclaim up to €2,500, as beneficiaries of the 2024 furniture bonus can benefit from an IRPEF rebate of 50%.

In terms of timing, the new furniture or appliances for which the deduction is to be claimed must be purchased after the start of the renovation work.

Furniture bonus, what benefits?

The furniture bonus is paid regardless of the expenses incurred for the renovation of the property and allows the beneficiaries to deduct 50% up to a maximum amount of 5,000 euros for each renovated property unit. It is therefore not necessary for the renovation work to affect the room you wish to furnish with new furniture, and it is possible to buy new bathroom furniture even if you are renovating the kitchen, for example.

The bonus allows you to purchase furniture and household appliances until 31 December 2024, with the deduction for the latter depending on the energy class of the appliance.

Who is entitled to the furniture bonus and how can it be claimed? Taxpayers who can claim the furniture bonus triggered by the renovation bonus are those who are subject to IRPEF (income tax) and at the same time claim the IRPEF deduction provided for the building refurbishment or renovation bonus. To be able to claim the furniture bonus, the person purchasing the furniture must be the owner or in any case one who has the right to use the property (bare ownership, usufruct, rental, loan). Tenants, subtenants, or flatmates are also eligible for the discount, provided that the expenses for the renovation work were incurred by the owner. Deductible expenses also include the transport and installation of the purchased goods. The deduction for beneficiaries will be divided in ten equal annual instalments. The tax capacity of the beneficiary must always be considered when claiming the deduction. If the taxpayer does not owe taxes, the bonus is lost in full or in part. In order to receive the deduction, you must state the expenses incurred in the tax return form (modello 730) or in the personal income form.