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How to create a perfectly efficient shower area

How to create a perfectly efficient shower area

Have you already decided to install an easy-to-use shower in your bathroom? If you have a bias towards an overhead jet of water rather than a bathtub, it is time to decide where to install it and, consequently, the shape of your shower tray.

Rectangular, square or quadrant shower tray?

Let us start with the analysis of the most widespread model, namely the rectangular shower tray. A wide range of models allows you to find the perfect rectangular shower tray for your needs: from the smallest size, ideal for small bathrooms, to bigger ones which are perfect for providing maximum comfort in large bathrooms.

The square shower tray is more intended for those who must fulfil specific requirements such as those related to the size of the room. The square shape goes perfectly with old-fashioned or vintage style bathroom furniture, and may be the optimal choice when, for example, you plan to build your shower area into a recess or alongside the back wall of a long and narrow bathroom. Square shower trays are available in varied sizes in order to fulfil any request (80X80 - 90X90 - 100X100 cm).

A space-saving solution that has found wide acceptance among interior designers is the quadrant shower tray, which is particularly appreciated because it offers the possibility of making the most of the corners in the bathroom. If it is true that quadrant shower trays are often preferred when it is necessary to recover precious inches in small bathrooms, it is also true that it is not at all unusual to find them even in more spacious environments, where they become elegant furnishing elements.

What materials for the shower tray? Until a few years ago ceramic shower trays played the leading role in the market related to modern bath design. Today the range has expanded and, alongside shower trays in fine fire clay, models in stone resin can be found too. The difference between the two types is not just a matter of aesthetics. The stone resin shower tray is much lighter and more versatile than its "ally" in ceramics. Unlike ceramic shower trays, in fact, stone resin shower trays allow you to create exclusive furnishing solutions especially when they are installed flush with the floor, thus making them particularly suitable when there are people with reduced mobility in the family, since they do not have the traditional raised edges. The advantages of stone resin shower trays do not end here: they can be produced in an infinite variety of colours, thus allowing you to have designer shower areas in a modern style bathroom. The special processing of these

shower trays results in pigmented doughs, i.e., surfaces that have the same external colouring on the inside. Both ceramic and stone resin shower trays usually have a non-slip surface to ensure maximum safety for bath users.

Shower enclosure, how to choose it?

Once the shower tray has been chosen, it is time to turn your attention to the shower enclosure. In this case it is also possible to find models that perfectly fit any shape shower tray with a style full of personality and a luxurious look given by the combination of glass and chrome frames.

The chromed metal frame ensures maximum strength and durability, while the glass walls allow natural and artificial light to filter through, creating very pleasant plays of light and colour. High-quality materials and special treatments make the best shower enclosure easy to maintain. In this way, it will be quick and easy to have a neat and tidy bathroom all the time!