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Hannah Glasse, the sink for a beautiful and functional kitchen

Hannah Glasse, the sink for a beautiful and functional kitchen

Hannah Glasse is a rectangular sink with simple yet clean lines that gives the kitchen the practicality needed for daily housework and a refined aesthetic that also suits open spaces.

Modern kitchens require the Hannah Glasse sink
In modern home decor, the kitchen is taking on an increasingly central role, so much so that it's no longer hidden from view, but rather considered a showcase area. The trend of considering it an integral part of the living area has led to the fact that every piece of furniture, including the sink, is chosen with great care. The sink should not only contribute to the cleanliness of the kitchen, but should also harmonise with the countertop and wall tiles, defining the identity of the cooking area. A result both aesthetically and functionally impressive is provided by the Hannah Glasse sink (608 X 456 X 254 mm), which decorates the space dedicated to the preparation and consumption of food with surprising elegance and versatility, thanks also to the decisive and formal geometries of its design and the high-quality ceramic of which it is made.

The small size of the Hannah Glasse sink is not a disadvantage, because it has a spacious basin that allows you to wash dishes or do other tasks without getting the floor wet. Besides, it fits even in small kitchens or medium-sized rooms, where it brings an exclusive stylistic sophistication.

Hannah Glasse, the sink made in Italy for beautiful and functional kitchens Precise design, the selection of the best raw materials and a perfect finish make the Hannah Glasse sink the attraction of kitchen furniture destined to last for a long time. The best precautions in manufacturing, such as the polished enamel treatment of the surface, make this Made in Italy sink a hygienically safe product, as the glazing allows dirt to slide off and facilitates cleaning and sanitizing.