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Wc bowl wall outlet

    Physically challenged people or the elderly who suffer from a gait disorder need a bathroom with fixtures that can be used in complete autonomy or that can ease the burden on caregivers.

    Concerning public toilets, owners are obliged to install sanitary ware and supports for the disabled, whilst private bathrooms are not subject to special regulations, but it is essential to create a disabled-oriented bathroom in terms of safety and comfort for your loved ones. Kerasan, a leading company in the bathroom furniture sector, has a line for the disabled consisting in sanitary fixtures, washbasins, grab bars and handrails designed exclusively to improve the usability of the space in the relaxation area of the house for the elderly, wheelchair users or those who have gait disorders.

    A simple and functional toilet designed for the disabled

    The P-trap toilet pan for the disabled by Kerasan is a functional fixture that meets the needs of handicapped persons or those with an evident walking impairment.

    The toilet bowl has a simple design with rounded shapes. It can easily be placed in domestic or public contexts, enhancing spaces with a subtly elegant style. Made of glossy, white vitreous china, this toilet has a form that facilitates flushing for an adequate sanitation of the bowl ensuring a high grade of hygiene in the bathroom. It is a product which is made in Italy, resistant to high temperatures and designed to last over time. Its ergonomic design allows the disabled to sit comfortably and in total safety, factor which contributes to their well-being.

    The P-trap toilet pan

    The P-trap toilet pan for disabled persons is ideal for those who need to renovate their bathroom or adapt it to the needs of their loved ones. This toilet requires that the waste outlet be in the wall, so it can be used to replace a toilet of the same kind otherwise masonry work has to be done to adapt the plumbing to the new toilet. This convenient and compact fixture can be completed with a toilet seat cover which transforms the toilet into a comfortable seat on which the person can sit down to get dressed as well as to do other activities alone or with the help of a caregiver without risking a fall or getting tired. In addition, you can fix grab bars or handrails to the wall so that the seated person can hold on to them and move to a standing position more easily.