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Wc bowl floor outlet

    The interior design of a bathroom for disabled or elderly people must have precise technical characteristics aimed at facilitating the use of both the washbasin and sanitary ware.

    The design should be aimed at granting free access and movement to wheelchair users, to preventing accidental falls and facilitating free movement inside the room. In compliance with the law, public toilets and private bathrooms for the disabled should be furnished with devices and sanitary fixtures specifically designed for individuals with physical disabilities: it is a fundamental aspect not only for their well-being but also for the wellbeing of their caretakers. Kerasan offers a wide range of items for the disabled as shown in our catalogue. We propose simply designed sanitary ware made with attention given to detail. Sanitary ware that can be easily placed in any context to create refined environments with ergonomic toilets which meet the needs of the physically disabled.

    The S-trap toilet pan for the disabled

    Kerasan produces various models of sanitary ware, including the S-trap toilet pan for disabled persons, a very durable product which also exists in a version with a bidet wash function. The S-trap toilet pan for the disabled by Kerasan is compliant with safety laws. It is made of high-quality vitreous china, with a glossy surface that prevents grime from depositing and greatly simplifies sanitization, enabling you to reach high standards of hygiene.

    A convenient and functional toilet pan for the disabled

    The Kerasan S-trap toilet pan can replace a more traditional toilet if a private disabled bathroom becomes necessary or when the law requires it in relation to public toilets. In any case, it is possible to combine the sanitary ware with the washbasin and other fixtures included in the collection of the company from Civita Castellana, in order to create a comfortable and welcoming bathroom in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, you can offer the mobility impaired a support to help them to stand up and sit down without assistance by mounting grab bars or handrails close to the toilet.