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Wc bowl/bidet wall outlet


    Interior bath design intended for use by disabled people must have fixtures aimed at facilitating movement as well as offering the possibility to carry out daily activities independently or to facilitate the task of those who look after the disabled. According to law, public toilets require W.C. pans designed to meet the needs of mobility impaired or wheelchair users.

    Washbasins and sanitary ware must comply with specific requirements and in addition, the square footage of the room must provide sufficient space for the disabled person to move around easily. Kerasan, always concerned about the needs of the disabled, offers a complete line of bathroom fixtures and accessories which are fully compliant to regulations and thus suitable for private bathrooms and public toilets where style and functionality are a perfect match.

    A P-trap toilet for disabled people

    The Kerasan collection for the disabled includes the P-trap toilet with bidet wash function, a versatile sanitary fixture with a simple and modern shape highlighted by the shininess of the vitreous china it is made of. It is a fixture designed to simplify the experience of the physically challenged in the bathroom. This resistant and sturdy toilet is designed with an outlet through a wall because the P-trap is at the back of the toilet. It can be completed with the toilet seat of the same line to turn it into a comfortable and solid seat. Kerasan offers grab bars and handrails to be fixed to the wall close to the toilet with wash bidet function so that the disabled person can safely get up, sit down, or simply hold on.

    A toilet with wash bidet function for the comfort of mobility impaired customers

    This toilet with wash bidet function is a valid ally for people with walking disorders, or for the elderly, and it is the ideal solution for a private bathroom where style is a must. As a matter of fact, the essential and compact outline suits any bathroom because it will be perfectly integrated with the rest of the furniture. Manufactured with high-quality ceramics, this toilet has a shiny and smooth surface that prevents grime from depositing and it also has an adequate flushing system for high standards of hygiene. Easy to clean, it is a product designed to last over time, to withstand high temperatures and the use of chemicals while preserving its original aesthetics.