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Wc bowl/bidet floor outlet

    Disabled people, the elderly who have gait disorders or wheelchair users must have a bathroom tailored to their needs, with fixtures designed to help them and facilitate their movements and the work of their caregivers. Concerning public toilets, owners are obligated to install sanitary ware for the disabled, whilst in private bathrooms you can freely choose whether to set them up appropriately or not, even if it is often necessary in order to improve the routine of the physically challenged. Kerasan, an Italian company specializing in bathroom fixtures, offers a line for the disabled that includes washbasins, toilets, grab bars and handrails designed to facilitate daily activities of those who have gait disorders. The collection includes the S-trap toilet with bidet wash function, a useful and versatile sanitary fixture, designed to serve the needs of the elderly, of those with problems walking or of the disabled.

    A design toilet with bidet wash function

    This toilet with a bidet wash function has a linear and compact design, with an ergonomic shape suitable for the disabled. It is a sanitary fixture made of glossy white vitreous china which is resistant over time. The smooth surface allows dirt to slide off and insures adequate sanitation. The linearity of the form perfectly suits any context, even where the most refined style is requested. The S-trap exits at the bottom of the toilet favouring the replacement of old pre-existing toilets but also providing greater solidity and stability during use.

    Sanitary ware and accessories for the disabled

    The toilet with bidet wash function is the result of Kerasan's experience and know-how in manufacturing customer-oriented products. This is the reason why Kerasan has a complete line of sanitary fixtures to furnish bathrooms for the disabled where every single accessory ensures safety and usability with no need for help. The toilet with wash bidet function can be combined with grab bars and handrails which are indispensable for getting up, sitting down or assuring that one has a strong hold during the time spent in the bathroom. It can also be combined with washbasins and other accessories, such as the toilet seat cover, which will create a comfortable environment for the disabled person.