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Reversible "L" shaped support


    Disabled people need customised environments in order to live comfortably on their own. First of all, a bathroom for the disabled should provide easy access and should have user-friendly toilets. In private and public contexts, it is essential to furnish the bathroom with sanitary ware that helps fragile users carry out daily their personal hygiene activities with dignity and safety.

    Kerasan, always attentive to customer needs, offers an entire collection of sanitary ware and accessories for the disabled, including washbasins and ergonomic toilets and various grab bars and handrails in different sizes, designed to help the disabled move freely and designed also to improve the life of fragile customers.

    A simple line produced with attention to detail and perfect for furnishing public toilets that comply with regulations, but also perfect for making private living contexts more welcoming and functional. Among the items in this range, you can find a reversible handrail, a product that offers an easy grip to those who need help getting up from and sitting down on the toilet or getting in and out of the shower. A versatile, easy to use product which is made in Italy and which can be mounted in any bathroom because it combines discreetly with any style.

    The reversible handrail: a secure and ergonomic grip

    The Kerasan reversible handrail is a long narrow bar designed to be installed in the shower area or between the toilet and the bidet to provide a valid source of support for the elderly and disabled who have problems walking. This high-quality handrail is tube-shaped and covered with a non-slip synthetic plastic material that ensures a high grade of hygiene. It is capable of bearing heavy weights and can be fixed to any wall of the bathroom according to one's needs. Designed to prevent the risk of falling in the bathroom, this handrail is ideal for the elderly and for those who could easily lose their balance, as they can hold on to it while moving around or taking a shower.