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Removable seat

    Special equipment is needed by disabled or mobility impaired persons if they want to use the bathroom safely and comfortably.

    There are grab bars, handrails and other aids which, when installed in the bathroom, help the disabled and those who take care of them to move around more easily. Kerasan, always attentive to the needs of all customers, offers an entire collection of bathroom products aimed at combining convenience and style in order to improve the life of those suffering from movement and walking disorders.

    This line includes the wall-mounted folding shower seat, a comfortable and solid seat designed to have a safer shower experience for disabled persons or elderly because it not only allows them to wash themselves without the risk of slipping or losing their balance but it also facilitates the work of their caregivers.

    The wall-mounted folding shower seat for elderly and disabled people

    This high-quality seat is made of aluminium and nylon, two materials which have been combined together with innovative techniques. It has all the structural characteristics needed to guarantee high safety standards. It is versatile and functional, suitable for use by anyone up to 150 kg (330,69 lb) and it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Easy to sanitize, this seat allows people with physical disabilities to wash themselves in complete autonomy, but it is also a good help for caregivers in case the disabled person is not self-sufficient. Of course, it is perfect for users who can have a shower on their own but also for those who cannot stand up for a long time such as wheelchair users or elderly people.

    Bathroom equipment to improve the comfort of people with physical disabilities

    A bathroom intended for use by disabled and elderly people must be equipped in compliance with regulations to ensure free movement and a daily bathroom routine which can be carried out without the fear of slipping or falling. In the shower area, grab bars or other types of handrails and a wall-mounted folding seat on which the user can sit and experience a relaxing and refreshing shower are necessary to create a safe environment. In the Kerasan catalogue you can find grab bars and safety handrails suitable for developing customised bathrooms for disabled and elderly people which will make the disabled person able to reap all the benefits that only hot water can give away.