Grab bar


    The disabled, the elderly and people who have gait disorders need tailored bathrooms to do personal activities comfortably. It is best if the bathroom is furnished with elements that ensure a minimum of autonomy and which facilitate the use of the bathroom when standing up or walking. Kerasan has an entire collection of bathroom fixtures and accessories for the disabled in its catalogue such as washbasins, sanitary ware, and specific aids aimed at optimizing and organizing spaces and making them safer. Grab bars, handrails and other types of fixtures are essential for the well-being of disabled people but also for those who take care of them.

    Grab bars to guarantee safety

    The line of fixtures for the disabled offered by Kerasan includes grab bars with a simple, clean design. These simple aids are high-quality products, completely made in Italy, and are part of an innovative production intended to satisfy tastes and needs of specific customers. They can easily be placed in all types of bathrooms. This grab bar is the optimal solution to provide a useful help to stand up on one’s feet and carry out the bathroom routine safely, without the risk of falling especially if placed inside the shower enclosure or in the most slippery areas of the bathroom. Moreover, it also simplifies the caregiver’s tasks because it is not necessary to support the patient's entire body weight when washing them.

    A grab bar for the bathtub or the washbasin area

    This grab bar is a resistant and functional support designed to help elderly and mobility impaired customers. It can be fixed to the wall, near the bathtub, washbasin or toilet as an extra safety measure when walking or standing up. Fragile customers find a valid ally in this grab bar because they improve the usability of their bathroom while avoiding the risk of slipping or losing their balance.