Lavabi d'arredo e ciotole

Washbasins are the final piece of furniture in your fabulous bathroom, where design, style and even art is best expressed. A designer washbasin is not only a choice in relation to the size of the room, position and dimensions, and functionality in terms of use and users, but it represents the ultimate means of customizing your space.

The Kerasan collections provide the answer to the exclusive needs of international customers who want to create luxurious settings, welcoming environments and precise designs.

Purity is not only represented by the classic white of the ceramic, but also by special decorations, matt finishes, and new versions where the material becomes protagonist of the beauty and luxury of Kerasan design washbasins.

The architectural flavour that a ceramic sink can give to the furnishings is perfect for those who wish to include a touch of refined distinction in the bathroom.

The types: semi-recessed and vanity top sinks

Vanity top and semi-recessed washbasins (also in the under-counter version) are part of the Kerasan designer washbasins.

The vanity top washbasin is now a trend in bathroom furnishings, thanks to its striking visual impact, its ability to play with various shapes and its versatility which makes it adaptable to refined fittings and colours. It is easy to install, it does not require complex masonry work. The Kerasan washbasin collections include the most versatile designs, from the very minimal (sink above the shelf) to the more complex (counter top washbasin). The semi-recessed washbasin is set inside a piece of furniture or a top, but only partially, so as to create an optical and functional effect.

The Kerasan collections also include a particular version of the squared under-counter washbasin in which part of the sink is below the top. Shapes, dimensions, colours and finishes of Karasan bathroom sinks.

The shape of the vanity top washbasin is characterized by the sinuous bowl shape or the more squared shape recalling a rectangle or a square. The semi-recessed washbasins have coherent forms in the top-embedded part, prominently “ionic" curvatures or modern compact and squared lines.

The Kerasan shapes denote cutting-edge technology, craftsmanship and expertly chiselled material, providing an aesthetically valid product which is also functional. The value is noted in the ability to blend traditional elements such as the basin and the most modern lines, with a mix of colours, decorations and different styles. The Ciotola collection designer washbasins are characterized by special decorations and colours.

You can admire the special decorations:
  • Luxury Gold Matte,
  • Luxury Platinum Matte
  • Cast Iron on Lava Stone
  • Scratched Pearl Gray
  • Rough Lava stone
You can also choose your washbasin in the following colours: • White • White Matte • Black Matte • Brown Matte • Brown Matte • Gray Matte

The matte finish provides an opaque effect to the colour. It is the new trend in bathroom fixtures, it is a different colour which attenuates brilliance while maintaining the same visual liveliness.

The dimensions of the Ciotola washbasins, in all their models and shapes, are included in a diameter ranging from 35 to 46 cm. The models of the semi-recessed washbasins, on the other hand, have a width ranging between 40 cm and 90 cm.

The designer washbasins, which are elliptical or rectangular, have a depth of 35 cm, while the width can vary from 40 cm to 90 cm. The square-shaped sink measures 45x45.