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Close coupled bidet

    The K09 wall-hung bidet: a reliable guarantee of functionality

    The suspended bidet of the K09 collection, included in the Kerasan catalogue and distinguished by an essential and linear design, is extraordinarily beautiful. This bathroom component is designed to save space and can be placed in any bathroom, from small to large and from classic to contemporary.
    This bidet is produced with the best raw materials and, therefore, it is long-lasting and resistant to daily use, chemicals and moisture.

    The characteristics of the K09 suspended bidet

    This bathroom fixture has a large number of practical and aesthetic advantages: it is characterized by clean and fine lines and a polished and smooth surface and, at the same time, it is perdurable, stable and sturdy.
    The suspended bidet can be installed on the wall or in a recess and, thanks to its simple elegance, it matches perfectly with the other sanitary ware in the bathroom.
    Similar products enhance any bathroom in which attention is paid to every detail especially when they are equipped with all the indispensable accessories for personal care. In addition, the K09 wall-hung bidet is a clean and easy-to use sanitary fixture and since it is wall-mounted, it allows cleaning the floor underneath without difficulty.