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Btw wc pan 50

    The K09 toilet: a brilliant furnishing solution that follows the current trend in the world of sanitary ware

    The K09 toilet is the result of designer Romano Adolini’s creativity regards the latest trends in the field of bathroom decor.
    This toilet, together with the other bathroom fixtures of the same collection, which includes different kinds of bidets and washbasins, is a brilliant solution for decorating an important living space with high standards of functionality, creating a perfect room in which everyone can enjoy a relaxing moment and reduce daily stress.
    Characterized by clean and enveloping lines, this toilet with a rounded outline, a thin border and a bevelled edge, can provide the bathroom with a touch of warm elegance that is always welcome.

    The K09 WC bowl: a ceramic product that makes the difference

    The 50 cm K09 toilet is a sanitary fixture which is exclusively made of high-grade, resistant and beautiful vitreous china.
    This bathroom fixture combines the most advanced technology in the sector with the craft-based nature of manufacturing in porcelain, offering the customer sanitary ware that is the perfect union of tradition and innovation.
    The unique toilet pan of the K09 collection, is perfect to be placed in a spacious bathroom. The one in the picture is a floor-mounted model that, leaning on a thin base, slightly widens, rising towards the edge in order to form a very attractive shape.